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My mission is to have a place for everyone to learn fire safety from an experienced firefighter with 14 years as a volunteer firefighter.  I will be taking you threw some of me memories while at the scene and at the fire station.
I retired in 2006 from the Millheim Fire Co. And the Gregg Township Fire Co. Where I volunteered.  Now I want to share my experience as a Fire Fighter.  I want to help you better understand what we do and why you see some things we do that you might not understand.
So I invite you to click through my website so that I might help you and hopefully help save a life....
Learning what to do incase of an emergency will greatly improve the outcome.  I will show you how Learning to use common items like baking soda to put out a fire is not only interesting but it could save your life..
I will be adding lots of new and interesting content in the next few weeks.  Please check out what I have already done. 
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